Back To School Supply Haul


School is just around the corner so I thought that I would do a back to school supply haul,


Actually this year I only have one pencil, It’s the Muji Mechanical Pencil With Pencil Grip 0.5mm Led. I absolutely LOVE this pencil. Unfortunately you can’t get this exact pencil in NZ but you can get other mechanical pencils like the Bic Mechanical Pencil Matic Xtra Comfort 0.5mm witch I here is quite good.



This year I got a quite a few pens. My school said that all the students needed 1 green pen, 1 red pen and 2 blue and black pens. I only have one red pen and a whole load of black pens…. Is it just me or do you feel like your handwriting looks better in black pen.


Here I have

A blue and a black pen from Typo (The ones with a moustache)

A black 0.5mm gel pen from Muji

A black ballpoint pen from Muji

A multi colour pen from Bic

Another black pen from Typo (the smooth operator)

And A blue pen that’s from Faber Castle (sorry I don’t know the specks all I know is that it is a fancy pen that I got for really cheap, lol)


I have an orange erasable highlighter from Typo and 2 green and yellow highlighters from my Mums work, lol



Here I have a plain old boring rubber, a plain old boring glue stick and a pencil sharpener from Smiggle.


Pencil Case

All of this fits into a double-decker pencil-case from Smiggle. I absolutely love this pencil case, its got heaps of room to hold all of my stationary. If you’re wondering whats in the over half of the pencil case they are my coloured pencils, they are just some plain 24 pack of Crayola pencils.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

I wish you all a lovely day.


Form Harry.


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