3 ways to de-stress

Hey, its Harry!

I know I haven’t posted in ages but I am going to start posting more in the new year…. any way let’s get on with the post!

With school starting in a few weeks and a whole year ahead of us everything can get a bit overwhelming so I thought I would start of the new year with 3 ways to de-stress.

Hope you enjoy!

1. Have a nice warm cup of tea

So when I feel like my brain is going to explode the first thing I like to do is make my self a warm tea. At the moment I am a tiny bit addicted to a place called T2, there is a shop in my local mall and it is filled with amazing and creative teas. When you walk in you see shelves and shelves full of tea. If you see a tea that you would like to try feel free to ask them to brew one and they will brew you a sample. Another great thing about T2 is that they will give you a free sample to take home if you are not sure if you want to buy the tea. The only thing is the price is a bit on the high-end but I absolutely think that its worth it. (by the way I am not sponsored by T2 I just really love the store!). At the moment my favourite teas are the Apple Crumble tea and the Popping Praline tea. However if you are new to T2 you can buy a packet of 20 tea bags (they are most popular for there loose leaf tea.) it comes with 20 different varieties of tea, I got given it for Christmas and I have discovered a lot of different teas that I love and some teas that I am not a fan of. Anyway ill stop rambling on and move on to the next way I like to de-stress.

img_0004  – These are some teas from the 20 gems tea bag collection

2. Read

When you’re stressed it is really nice to get of technology for a bit. A great way to do that is to read a book. At the moment I am really loving the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling, Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon and The Sun is Also a Star also by Nicola Yoon. If you don’t want to buy a book you can always pop up to your local library and get a book out for free! This is what I tend to do. It’s also really great to read before bed because it helps your brain and your mind settle down making it easier to go to sleep. (I love to light a candle and brew a fresh cup of tea to sip when I read)


3. Go on a walk

Getting out of the house is a great way to get un-stressed so I like to have a walk and enjoy the nature around me. Also breathing in the fresh air is a great way to clear your mind.







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